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It's been FOREVER!

2010-02-07 19:16:21 by SpoofyTMSGOGF

I haven't posted anything here in over 2 years, but I sure as hell haven't stopped making music!

For those of you who actually care, I shall be uploading at least one (short) piece of music a day for at least a week, since I have at least that many songs. Probably more, in fact. I have no idea.

Also, I'm pretty much a lazy slacker, and I've decided that it's time to change that. I'm going into music full-force from now on, so expect lots more music from me!

Until next time folks.

1st Post.

2008-08-03 17:02:33 by SpoofyTMSGOGF

After uploading about a dozen songs, it's about time!

Hmmm... Well since I don't have anything really noteworthy to say right now, I'll just say that I'll be posting here when I'm working on something new.

If you haven't listened to most of my music yet, you can probably tell I don't really favor any particular genre as of yet.

So which genre would you want to hear next? I'm always up for a challenge.

I'm also more than willing to do collaborations, although I currently use GarageBand. (no, I don't use loops except with "Surprisingly Good!?" which was made soon after I got my iMac)

So yeah, rates and reviews on my music if you would be so kind. Making music is tons of fun and tips and criticisms are ALWAYS appreciated. =) Maybe I'll upload a pic later.


2008-06-28 02:52:45 by SpoofyTMSGOGF

Placeholder until I put something interesting here.